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Born and raised in the mountains around Bozeman, MT, Ben’s passion to document and preserve the places he grew up recreating in became apparent from an early age. After years of competing  as a professional skier on the Freeskiing Tour, Ben directed his attention away from competitions and focused on storytelling through media projects. In 2015 he started working with Vision Hawk Films and other prestigious wildlife, film companies, to leverage his ability to showcase wildlife positively. Now, Ben is combining his three passions for skiing, environmental and wildlife conservation and filmmaking to influence policy and preserve our world for future generations. 

  • Shotover F1 Operator/Technician
  • Camera Operator Red Epic, Alexa Mini, Phantom Flex 4K, DJI Inspire 2
  • Certified Drone Pilot
  • Certified Open Water Scuba
  • AC


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Letter to the Editor

Legislators turned back on voters, on public lands...

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Testifying at Montana's Capital

"Ben Goertzen described himself as a professional skier and wildlife filmmaker and stressed the importance of public lands to his and others' businesses.

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